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KITCHEN PENDANT LIGHTING Think outside the “box”               It is becoming increasingly popular to use lanterns in kitchens as a form of pendant lighting.  When it comes to choosing island pendants consider being creative with hanging lanterns. Our popular Square Box Cage Lantern – Model No. H1340H is becoming widely used.  Many of our lanterns can be customized.  Custom sizing allows you to hang one or many lanterns at desired heights over a kitchen island or kitchen/dining room table. This can make kitchen lighting more original.  Two or three lanterns are perfect for over very long... Read More
Big Hanging Lanterns Large, custom, handcrafted hanging lanterns for residential or commercial projects are sought after by architects and designers.  Copper Lantern has the capability to make big lanterns.                                   Photo – H2756G French Provincial Hanging Lantern with Bail                                         34”W x 46”H shown in dark copper with clear-seedy glass.                                                              One of our largest custom pieces.                                Our requests for custom sizing keep getting bigger and bigger... Read More
Pier Mounting     Exterior handcrafted post top lanterns in copper or brass can be pier mounted to a post, a brick wall or other structure to give a custom-look that cannot be found anywhere else.  This type of mounting is elegant and commands attention.  Pier mounted post top fixtures are a great way to accentuate the entrance to your home or estate.  Whether used for custom homes or large scale commercial properties, these popular pier mount post top lanterns are some of our best sellers.  Use them on Entrance Gates, Masonry Piers and Retaining Walls.               French Provincial Pier... Read More
NEW WEBSITE BLOG #6   TURTLE FRIENDLY LIGHTING     Copper Lantern Lighting offers turtle friendly options to our line of decorative lanterns. We are committed to sea turtle conservation and minimal impact of artificial lighting on all wildlife.   Sea turtles are an endangered species.  Females must come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand.  Artificial light near the beach can deter females from nesting and can disorient hatchling sea turtles from returning safely to the ocean.  Turtle friendly beachside lighting is important to coastal communities that work closely with Wildlife Fish &... Read More
“Custom Lighting Design” Custom Designed High end handcrafted lighting fixtures.   Very often a project requires lighting that adds a creative element to a space.  Lighting can be a focal point that “sets the mood” with its artistic design style as well as providing functional light.  With the use of solid copper, brass and iron we can build a lantern or light that is just for you. What sets us apart from other lighting manufacturers is the knowledge and expertise to completely create a unique light especially for you by using something that you already have, something that means a great deal... Read More
New Website – Blog #1 June 2016 CAUTION WHEN SEARCHING “OUTDOOR LIGHTING” ON LINE   Recently I have noticed that the top results for “outdoor lighting” OR “handcrafted copper lanterns” are the big name box stores or the leading on-line retail outlets.  These top paid ads are misleading to the public as to the quality of the lighting they carry. These stores are not manufacturers of lighting; they are merely selling imports of inferior quality and workmanship.  You will not receive knowledgeable sales assistance on design or on their production process.   If you are in the market for high... Read More
“Modern vs. Old” has been a topic of discussion for many of my clients that have a love of antiques but would love to mix the new wave of simplistic, modern designs to their décor. When you have 200 year old antique furniture, can you use modern décor to accent a space? Or if you are renovating an old, rustic barn, can you hang modern light fixtures? Old and modern can flow together nicely if kept in balance and will make distinctive spaces that will be conversation pieces. C2491H One component in design that we like to use to get away from the traditional brushed nickel or chrome is to... Read More
Fall is for planting as well as custom lighting. When planning your garden this season, don’t forget to incorporate an effective custom lighting design. Use of mini garden post lanterns, wall niche lights, pier mount lanterns and entrance gate lanterns are popular design choices. One of our signature design ideas is our custom 6”x 6”x 43”cedar garden post. By miniaturizing any of our wall lanterns (in either 120 volt or 12 volt) and hanging them on the side of the post you can achieve a light output and spread without going to a standard 6’x8’ post. This unique look is perfect for courtyards... Read More
In today’s trends, copper is being used in many applications inside the house. Copper range hoods Copper sinks Copper bath tubs Copper faucets Copper accent hardware Copper lighting Copper, with many different aging processes, allows you to achieve a very distinctive look and will create a warm and inviting space by incorporating color with style. Copper lighting comes in many different style choices. Country Industrial Lighting (Product C1728V) Artisan Contemporary Lighting (Product C2491H) French Provincial Lanterns (Product H2756G) Federal Colonial Design as in the Monticello (Product... Read More
Many of our handcrafted lanterns at the Copper Lantern are historically accurate renditions of colonial lanterns that have been used for practical, everyday life well before the invention of electricity. The beauty of their design still attracts buyers today. Onion Lights / Model: H1177N, price: starting at $397These Onion Lanterns originated in the New England Cape Cod area. The soldered wire guard protected the hand-blown glass from the frequent "NorEaster's" that batter the New England coasts. The lanterns are a popular choice for interior and exterior applications. New England Adams/... Read More


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