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Acena Crystal Chandelier - Model No. C2699CC

List price: $5,856.00

Acena Crystal Chandelier in solid cast brass with Aged Bronze rub and priced with Swarovski Spectra crystal. Size:34"W x 32"H with 12 lights at 60 watts each. Available in Swarovski Spectra crystal or Swarovski Strass crystal. Also available in other finishes. Shades optional. NOTE:MUST SHIP TRUCK, PLEASE CALL FOR A QUOTE.

Swarovski Strass: This full lead crystal with over 30% lead oxide produces unsurpassed brilliance. Like a diamond, each facet is cut exactly to produce optical purity that reflects light into a full spectrum of shimmering rainbow colors.

Swarovski Spectra: The look of Strass, this manufactured crystal comes at a much more affordable price. Precision machined to perfection with the Swarovski name and technological know-how.

Hand-cast in Spain using old world craftsmanship, this collection of crystal chandeliers is a collaboration of textures and colors that tastefully combines the brilliance of the Swarovski crystal with the warmth of the hand-rubbed finishes that highlight the intricate casting details.