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Proudly Handmade In The USA

Often it has been said that the truest expression of a man’s inner self is that which he does with his hands. At Copper Lantern, this concept is part of the uniqueness of our handcrafted lighting fixtures.

We design, create and assemble the finest handcrafted lighting products available.

One look tells you all you need to know.

A Tradition Of Excellence

At Copper Lantern, all of our handcrafted lighting products are made from solid copper, brass and iron.

All of our products are hand-soldered and welded, not punch-riveted.

Our copper is 100% solid copper – with no added alloys or other metals. All our structured supports are cast brass - not iron, steel, or stamped tin - making each a lifetime fixture. Our metal finishes are hand applied on solid metals which will achieve that time-worn patina that you love. We use different sizes of metals to fit the structural needs of our larger lanterns - from.16 gauge to .34 gauge. For most of our competitors, one size fits all.

Bottom line? Our lighting fixtures are made better to last longer.

“When I came to your showroom I didn’t know where to begin. What style? What Size? What color? You helped me with every decision.”
— A. Burrs